Florence International Basketball Association
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The Beginning

  In 2004 the City of Florence came to Decar Brown of the Boys and Girls Club and myself (Carlos O. Washington) of the Florence Fire Department, to prepare a Boys Basketball Team (ages 12 thru 15) for the International Children's Game being held in Cleveland, Ohio. With the addition of Assistant Coach George Washington, who shared the same vision and was up for the challenge. This is how Florence International Basketball originated.

  The experience of the Cleveland Games with over 3500 children from 150 citites and 50 countries broadened our perspective of what the world was offering our children, not only through basketball, and in all sports, but including the Culture experience. (see ICG.org).

​ In 2005 the ICG games were held in Coventry, England, but did not host Basketball so we took this organization from 1 Team to 4 Teams and played on the USSSA and AAU Circuit.

  In 2006 we played the AAU, USSSA Circuit with 4 Teams, we prepared our 15 year olds for the ICG games being held in Bangkok, Thailand and our 12, 13, & 14 year old Teams for the Nationals. Our 15 year team finished 4th in the games losing to Canada in the final four by 4 points. Our 12, 13, and 14 year team competed in the Nationals ranking high at seasons end.

  In 2007 the ICG games were held in Iceland, but Basketball was not on the menu. We prepared 3 Teams for the AAU, USSSA and Showcase Tournament Circuit with all 3 teams ( 13, 14, and 16) playing in the Nationals. 

  In 2008 the ICG games were held in San Francisco with our 15 year old team winning the Bronze Metal and our l6-U and 17/18 year olds showcasing their talents throughout the United States. This also was our first graduating class with 4 seniors obtaining College Scholarships.

  In 2009 the ICG games were held in Athens, Greece with our 15year olds finishing 3rd in their pool. Our 16 year and 18 year old teams display their skills throughout the Country in places such as, Atlanta GA, Washington, DC. Maryland and capping their season off with the 16 year team at the Nationals in Orlando FL and the 18 year olds playing in Las Vegas, finishing 24th in the entire country. This also was our second graduating Team with 7 of 8 taking their skills to college.

  In 2010 the ICG games were in Maranam, Bahrain, but, Basketball was not on the menu. We prepared 5 teams for the AAU, USSSA and Showcase Circuits with our Teams winning numerous championships, our 17-U Team finished in 2nd place in Orlando at the Memorial Classic and our 18u Team sent 4 players to college. 

  In 2011 the ICG Games were held in Lenarkshire, Scotland, but Basketball was not on the menu. We prepared 5 teams for competition throughout the country in places such as Atlanta, GA Miami, FL Orlando, FL Greensboro, NC and back to Orlando, FL. Our 12 and 15 year old teams grew at seasons end and our 16 year olds found their way to a Championship on the Showcase level. Our 17 year old team had a very successful season winning numerous Championships or finishing runner-up on a Marquee stage. This Team finished 7th in the Nationals in Orlando. Our 18-U Team graduated with 10 players going to

  In 2012 The ICG Games will be held in Daegu, South Korea, but Basketball is not on the menu. Our Schedule is up and we will be traveling to many venues throughout the country, playing as many as 40 games in the next 4-1/2 months. Finishing with our
Function At The Junction Showcase, our 14 year team will play in BOO Williams AAU Nationals and our 16 year olds playing in the AAU Disney Nationals.

  At Seasons End we will be preparing our 15 year old team for the ICG games 2013 being held in Windsor Essex, Canada and our other teams to major events throughout the upcommg year.

  We would not have been able to accomplish the success that we have without our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has made all of this possible. We would like to thank our Parents, Coaches (past and present) and our many Sponsors for granting us the opportunity both through their trust and finances to accomplish such a rewarding achievement for our youth.